Learn How To Detect Tooth Decay Under Crowns


If an underlying tooth is damaged, a dental crown will often be inserted to restore the protection and the tooth’s appearance. Many people will go on with their regular eating and hygiene habits once the crown is put in position since it is assumed the tooth is protected just like their natural, undamaged teeth.

However, the tooth beneath the crown is still able to be damaged by cavities and decay so you must keep up your oral hygiene and regularly attend your scheduled dental cleanings/checkups. Also checkout Dental Implants services we offer.

Dental Tooth Decay Treatment in Torrance CA

How Can You Tell if There is Decay Under Your Crown?

It is often a challenge to detect if there is decay under a crown; especially if the decayed area is tiny. Your dentist will usually use an x-ray so it can be determined if the tooth underneath the crown is damaged. Then, it is up to your dentist to determine if the tooth is decaying by looking at the x-ray taken of the area. In some cases, the dentist can see the decay immediately. However, more detailed oral examination may also be required.

Why Teeth Can Decay Beneath an Old Crown

The possibility for tooth decay under an old dental crown can raise a number of serious questions from patients. It is also essential for patients to be aware of how to avoid tooth decay under their dental crowns. In order to prevent this decay from occurring, patients should also know why teeth can start to decay under dental crowns.

  • By not attending regular dental cleanings and checkups, you may not realize your tooth has decay until much later which can cause more damage to the tooth. Regular dental checkups can help prevent decay beneath a crown before it happens.
  • If you forget to brush and floss regularly, bacteria can begin building up which can damage the tooth beneath the crown.
  • A poorly fitted dental crown can also cause a buildup of bacteria in the space and the tooth can start to decay under the crown.

Tooth decay under a crown is a frequent issue among patients. However, it is up to the patient to maintain your oral health to avoid decay to your teeth. If you are unsure or have any doubts, your expert dentist can determine if there is decay present beneath a dental crown.

It is important to care for your temporary crowns as well as your permanent ones to avoid damage to your mouth. Check out our Temporary Crown Care Tips page to learn more.

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