Your Dentist In Calgary Really Rocks!


It All Began With Bowie In Winnipeg

You can call me a rock ‘n’ roll junkie. If it has an electric guitar, drums, and stellar vocals in it … oh, and it’s from the 80s … I’ll probably start fist pumping right away.

There’s just something about this genre that gets me up out of my chair and ready to jump into a mosh pit. Well, maybe that’s a bit of exaggeration! As a youngster, I grew up on this music. It was all around us and had a huge influence on our everyday lives.

So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I still “love that old time rock ‘n’ roll” to this day. In this blog, I’ll shine a light on some of my favourite rockers and tell you where I saw them.

The first concert I went to featured the late, great David Bowie. It was in Winnipeg in the 80s. He was eccentric, colourful, and extremely talented. What a show! More recently, in 2016, I took a trip to California to attend the Desert Trip Festival. Held at the site of Coachella, it featured some of the biggest names in rock – Paul McCartney, the Rolling Stones, and the Who all hit the stage. That was a big item checked off my bucket list!

A little closer to home, I enjoy listening to the Calgary Civic Symphony. Each year, they put on a series of five concerts. These shows feature a variety of music, including pop, classical tunes, and popular Christmas songs. The symphony has been performing for local audiences for more than 40 years. What makes it unique is it’s comprised of a variety of performers, from amateur musicians to retired pros. If you’re in town, I highly recommend checking them out! Their next show, dubbed “Immortal Beloved,” is on February 10th at the Jack Singer Concert Hall.

In the future, I plan to rock out myself by learning to play the guitar. I currently play the piano and intend to get better at it. I also want to learn to paint … perhaps I’ll write about that adventure in a future blog!

What music did you grow up listening to? Did your parents let you rock out in your room? As your dentist in Calgary, I’d love to hear all about it.