Securing Your Smile


The dental implant alternative

Few people are born with a perfect smile, and years of wear and tear on your teeth can take its toll. If you want to replace a newly lost tooth or already wear dentures, dental implants may be a terrific choice to restore your more-youthful healthy smile.

An implant tooth replacement looks and feels just like natural tooth. Implant-supported dentures also look and behave like natural teeth, and they alleviate denture-to-gum soreness and difficulty with clicking, chewing, and speaking.

Implants also boost your self-confidence, according to a Louisiana State University study. Of 61 patients with dental implants who had previously worn dentures, 88% indicated that their confidence was improved and 89% agreed that the procedure was worth repeating.

With implants, you will be able to eat almost anything you would normally eat. You can feel confident about your smile, knowing your teeth are secure.