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What is the best way to deal with the cosmetic flaws that your teeth have? It depends on the nature of them, of course. For teeth that are stained, whitening is typically the treatment of choice. But for many others, including those related to size, shape, and spacing, veneers are the optimal option. Here at Lefferts 26 Dentistry, we are pleased to offer the expert placement of them.

Veneers are thin shells made of porcelain. When viewed from the front, they look like real teeth. Placed over your teeth that have aesthetic problems, the result is a natural appearance that covers up the issues that are bothering you. Some examples include chipped teeth, misshapen or crooked teeth, and particularly wide gaps between your teeth. And even though whitening treatment is most often how you can restore your normal teeth color, if you find that your lifestyle is resulting in frequent needs for re-treatment, veneers may be a more long term answer. The entire process, which may need as few as three sessions from start to finish, commences with a visit to our cosmetic dentist in Richmond Hill for a consultation and examination. Moving forward, impressions of your teeth are taken. The dental lab uses them to make your new veneers to the most accurate standards for an ideal fit. When you come back in, adjustments may be necessary so that you are happy with the way they look and the way they feel. That only leaves the bonding. Our cosmetic dentist in Richmond Hill files a small amount of material from the teeth getting veneers so that all of your teeth are even. And for the next 10 to 15 years, you will have the advantage of a more appealing smile.

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