Associate Dentist Opportunity With A Leading Practice

OTTAWA, ON ASSOCIATE DENTIST OPPORTUNITY WITH A LEADING PRACTICE Join our large customer-oriented multi-disciplinary group dental centre and build your practice through referral and extraordinary new patient flow. Let us help you rapidly advance a career to be proud of.… The post Associate Dentist Opportunity With A Leading Practice appeared first on Oral Health Group.

Do You Love The Field Of Dentistry? Do You Work Well...

RED DEER, AB Do you love the field of dentistry? Do you work well with others? Can you work within systems and structure to enable a practice to reach optimum potential? Do you have positive energy? If yes, this may be… The post Do You Love The Field Of Dentistry? Do You Work Well With Others?…



Preferred Dental Clinic In Halton Hills

Top Dentist In Halton Hills Here are the best dentists in Halton Hills, ON as rated by the community. These Halton Hills professionals have received great reviews from customers for dentistry related appointments. Find out who made the cut and book your appointment today!. The Best Dentists in Halton Hills Handpicked Top 3 Dentists in…

With Modern Advances in Dentistry You can get Implants Fast

If you lost a number of teeth, or even all your teeth, in the past, the only option that you had was to have a set of dentures fitted. Today you can still have dentures but there are a lot of disadvantages with them. About the only good thing is that they are better than…

Find Out How Dental Bridges are Attached

Dental Bridges Procedure Two visits are usually required for this procedure, but with the advent and advances of CAD / CAM in modern dental practice, dental bridges can be placed in just one visit. The steps are: 1 – Healing and Recovery – This process is often done when replacing one or more freshly extracted…

When Other Implant Doctors Turn Patients Away

When you are choosing a doctor for your dental implant procedure, you want to know you are in the care of a highly experienced surgeon that specializes in dental implants—a dental surgeon with a proven track record of success. Have you or som…The post When Other Implant Doctors Turn Patients Away appeared first on New…

Crestal Sinus Elevation For Implant Placement

Introduction Challenges to implant placement in the posterior maxilla may be related to the maxillary sinus. The sinus may pneumatize (enlarge) related to sinus issues, patient age, how long the site has been edentulous or related to periodontal bone loss… The post Crestal Sinus Elevation For Implant Placement appeared first on Oral Health Group.

10 Myths about Root Canal Treatment

Perhaps no two words in the English language can send a shiver down the spine faster than “root canal”. While people may refer to root canal therapy in this shortened form, the root canal is a part of the tooth itself. Is root canal treatment really that bad? This endodontic procedure has certainly gotten a…

Four Problems Your Dentist Can Fix in One Visit

Arguably the most valuable service your dentist provides is preventive care. When you visit your dentist for a check-up regularly, we can identify and prevent possible problems before they happen. Preventive care obviously isn’t the only service we provide, however. We deal with plenty of dental problems after they’ve happened, too. Mouth and tooth problems…

The Camino Continues

Greetings from Pontevedra Spain and the 2018 Portuguese Camino trek to benefit Smile Network! Thank you to all the participants and the donors 30 children will receive life-altering surgeries as a result of the participation of the trekkers and the donors that generously supported their efforts.

Addressing Your 3 Main Fears About Bridges

When your smile isn’t your full smile anymore because of tooth loss, you find yourself in a situation in which you want your teeth back! As you know, moving forward requires you to select a prosthetic device that replaces those teeth. What you want is to address your missing tooth or few teeth with beautiful...…

Richmond Hill Best Dentist

Healthy teeth begin with clean teeth because clean teeth help prevent decay from forming on the tooth surface and continuing to erode the surface of the tooth. Similarly, clean gums can go a long way towards keeping gum disease at bay. Our Richmond Hill best dentist stresses the prevention of tooth and gum problems as…

Cosmetic Dentist In Halton Hills Ontario

Looking for the best local places in Halton Hills, ON? Click Here Children dentists in Halton Hills Cosmetic dentists in Halton Hills Optometrists in Halton Hills. Best Dental Clinic In Halton Hills Ontario Find the best Dentist in Halton Hills, ON. Discover Dentists real customer reviews and contact details, including hours of operation, Georgetown Dental…

Highest Rated Dental Clinic In Halton Hills Ontario

Best Dentists in Georgetown, Halton Hills, ON – Dentistry On Sinclair, Still Waters Dental Group, Sunnyview Dental – Georgetown, Downtown Georgetown Dental, King's Cove Family Dental, Market Place Dental Centre, Pownall Janet, DDs – Still Waters. Best Dentists in Halton Hills, ON – Dentistry On Sinclair, Still Waters Dental Group, Downtown Georgetown Dental, Sunnyview Dental…

What (Not) to Expect When Teething

Most parents would agree that a baby’s first tooth is an exciting milestone. It often represents the beginning of solid foods as well as many other exciting firsts. However, the symptoms can often be a little difficult to decipher. It’s not uncommon for many parents to attribute symptoms to teething that are unrelated due to…

Learn How To Prevent Childhood Cavities

A person’s mouth is naturally protected by saliva which has minerals that help prevent cavities, the continuous flow of saliva also helps to keep teeth clean. This is also true for children. When your child consumes a lot of starches or sugars, however, they combine with the bacteria in your mouth and create acids that…



What Are Bite Classes and Why Do They Matter?

When you get your teeth assessed in preparation for your orthodontic treatment with braces, there are likely some terms you will not be familiar with that are used to describe your teeth. One of the descriptors for the condition of your teeth and your jaw that you may encounter is known as “bite class,” or…


Dealing with Gingivitis

Healthy teeth need healthy gums. That’s why you shouldn’t delay if you notice even mild symptoms of gingivitis. According to Dr. Dustin Lee, when gingivitis is left untreated, it can rapidly become a full-blown case of periodontitis, a serious gum disease that causes tooth loss and gum damage.   What causes gingivitis?  There are two basic…

Does Invisalign Aligner Work?

Orthodontic Treatment by Invisalign Aligners – Are you fed up of your crooked and misshaped teeth, but at the same time you are worried that the metallic traditional braces will disturb your facial esthetics? Then don’t worry, because with the help of the Invisalign (clear aligners) , you can have straight teeth and a perfect smile without the…

Black Lines at the Base of Your Dental Crowns?

Do you have an old dental crown? If so, you could have noticed a thin black line near the gum line. Is that dark gumline decay? Plaque? Tartar? Before you worry that your tooth may be in danger, continue reading to learn what this dark line is, and how to remove it for a more...…

Top 9 Foods that Damage Your Teeth

Hard Candy – While hard candies can seem harmless, eat too many and the constant exposure to sugar can harm your teeth. Hard candies also put your teeth at risk for a broken or chipped tooth. A better alternative is chewing sugarless gum that carries the ADA Seal. Ice – You’d be surprised at the…